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Police: 10111
Ambulance: 10177
Emergency: 112
ER24: 084 124
Netcare 911: 082 911
Transnet helpline: 080 111 2239
TRACassist (N4 Toll Route): 0800 8722 64
Aerocare: 082 555 8222
Latest News
Pedestrian killed on M1
A man believed to be in his thirties was killed this morning on the M1 north before Booysens off ramp. Shortly before 11am paramedics from ER24 arrived on the scene where they found the man in the road with fatal injuries. Sadly, there was nothing that they could do for him and he was declare...
Two injured in Landsdowne
Two people sustained injuries in a collision on Govan Mbeki in Landsdowne, Cape Town early this morning. Shortly after 5am paramedics from ER24, Life Healthcare and Metro EMS arrived on scene where they found two vehicles that collided head on with each other. A woman in one of the vehicle...
3 Injured in collision on
A reaction officer from a private security firm sustained serious injuries and and another two persons sustained moderate injuries after these two vehicles collided in Deale Road earlier tonight. Jaws of life had to be used to free the reaction officer from the wreckage of his vehicle. All...
Loads that had to be rect
Limpopo - some of the strange actually funny loaded vehicles trying to pass the eagle eyes of officers from Limpopo traffic police - both vehicles paid their fines and rectified the load before released. Both used the N1 at Beitbridge border. Limpopo Traffic Police ...
Fatal crash between Mokop
Limpopo - Accident on the N1 between Mokopane Provincial Traffic Station and Nylplaza. It is suspected that a 4 wheel trailer towed by a bakkie burst its tyre and unhooked. A gray Kia from Gauteng hit the trailer and drift sideways and was struck in the middle by a MP Toyota RAV. The drive...
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